ColoradoIV is a blahblabhalbahalf.



The protagonist of the game. For more information, see his page.


Will's best friend. For more information, see her page.


Will's best friend & chop shop owner. For more information, see his page.


Owner of Digital Underground. Mission boss.

Cameron CollinsEdit

Pill-dealing doctor

Otto LaRoccoEdit

Scam artist fraudster who makes money from stock manipulation/data theft etc.

Jack KoffEdit

Customer of Ant at start, business partner of Will at end.

Paul GardnerEdit

Hippie, more info here.

Anthony GabrielliEdit

CEO of Gabrielli coorporation.

John RollingtonEdit

BurgerShot store manager.


Members of the Fort Ward Killerz. For more information, see their page.




Rave Clothing StoreEdit





  • We can probably just bring back the original clothes from Perseus from IV.

Unlockable OutfitsEdit

*Janitor Outfit - Retextured Prison outfit from IV.

*Railroad Outfit - Black Amplemannchen T-Shirt underneath open orange vest with railroad logo on the back, blue jeans, and work boots.

*Police Outfit - Short-sleeved police uniform

*Bum - Faded M65 Jacket, torn jeans, boots, black beanie


  • Excavator - A red excavator based on the Atlas 1304, a reference to the "Always Hardcore" music video
  • Opus Soweto - A poor quality sedan made in South Africa that replaces the Primo. It is based on the Volvo 240 sedan. Soweto is a city in South Africa


Environment NotesEdit

Bunch of Cliffs. Roads and bridges through mountains. Lighter more worn-out roads in busy areas. Darker hardly used roads in Uni area. Maybe do a Stadium shared with City and Uni. Nuclear Power Plant hidden away in the rural areas. Abandoned Drive-in Theater. DM-ing area(s) like a factory full of crates. Add dynamic boulders falling from the cliffs and mountains.


Fort Ward AssassinzEdit

The protagonistic gang in the game, as Will is the gang's leader after Daniel's disaperance. Will leads the gang, with Liz and Kane serving as lieutenants. Their main front is Digital Underground, and they compete with the Fort Ward Killerz for dominance of the town's rave scene.

Fort Ward KillerzEdit

The antagonistic gang in the game, as a doppleganger of Will leads the gang, along with dopplegangers of Liz and Kane. Their main front is Club OR-Bit, and they compete with the Fort Ward Assassinz for dominance of the town's rave scene.





Submachine GunsEdit

  • MAC-11 (Import from OUW)
  • TEC 9
  • UZI (possibly retexture Yusuf's golden UZI from TBOGT)

Assault RiflesEdit


  • Kar98k (It behaves like an assault rifle in terms of aming and movement while aiming goes, aside from the fact that Will pulls the bolt back after each shot)
  • PSG-1
  • M82

Heavy WeaponsEdit

Thrown WeaponsEdit

Radio StationsEdit

Ward Radio(Indie Rock)Edit

  • Out Of The Gash-Yvonne
  • Shuggie-Foxygen
  • Dreary Moon-Big Black Delta
  • 100 Steps (Demo)-Circa Survive
  • Stay Tuned-Ambulance LTD
  • Hey Mr. Rain-The Velvet Underground
  • Clean Coloured Wine-Engineers
  • Alice-Cocteau Twins
  • Obstacle 1-Interpol
  • Hayloft-Mother Mother
  • Omega Dog-The Dears
  • Just Gazin'-Digitalism
  • French Girls-Harvard
  • Fitzpleasure-Alt J

Aura FM (Ambience/Chillout)Edit

  • Morgenspaziergang-Kraftwerk
  • Sex Elevator Music-Thievery Corporation
  • Auttumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2) - Coldcut
  • 1st Impression-Pete Namlook
  • Voice Of The Earth-Spacetime Continuum
  • Masato Eternity-System 7
  • My Beautiful Blue Sky-Moby

Megastereo (Classic Rock)Edit

  • Take The Money and Run-Steve Miller Band
  • Find The Cost Of Freedom-Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
  • Love The One You're With-Stephen Stills
  • Rockin' In The Free World-Neil Young
  • Cats In The Cradle-Harry Chapin
  • After Midnight-Eric Clapton
  • Hush-Deep Purple
  • Crazy On You-Heart
  • You Got That Right-Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • The Raven-Alan Parsons Project
  • Somebody To Love-Jefferson Airplane
  • Signs-Five Man Electric Band
  • Easy Livin'-Uriah Heep
  • Cross Eyed Mary-Jethro Tull
  • Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers
  • Circle Game-Joni Mitchell

Raver Soundsystem (Happy Hardcore)Edit

  • Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-Magic Vision
  • Masterplan-DJ Vision
  • Friends-Scooter
  • I'm A Raver-Lipstick
  • Hey-Toni Salmonelli
  • Raver's Groove-Mindtrust
  • Drop It-3 Steps Ahead
  • Have You Ever Been Mellow-Party Animals
  • Come Take My Hand-2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
  • Rainbow In The Sky-Paul Elstak
  • Paradise Of Rave-Raver's World
  • Sing It Louder (Sirekit Mix)-DJ Promo
  • Words-Network
  • Always Hardcore-Bodylotion
  • Wish Come True-Jayke
  • Techno Wonderland-Ravers Choice
  • Mister Mister Scarface-DJ Pagan
  • Life Is Like A Dance-Dougal & Symphony
  • The Tower-Wedlock

Radio Nan Gaidheal (Gaelic Music)Edit

  • Fali Ro Fali Re-Na Gathan
  • Cnoc Na Feille-Runrig
  • Teangaidh na nGael-Cór Thaobh a' Leithid
  • Oran Na Cloiche-Manran
  • An Sabhal Aig Neill-Runrig
  • Mairean Nan Cuiread-Tannas
  • Tir An Airm-Runrig
  • Coinleach Ghlas a Fhomair-Clannad
  • Dueling Violins-Riverdance
  • Language Of The Gaels-Dan Ar Braz
  • Co Ni Mire Rium-Cappercaile
  • Siuthadaibh Bhlachaidh-John Mclean Allan
  • Cnoc Na Feille (Demo)-Runrig

Wave 101 (New Wave/Synthpop)Edit

  • Need You Tonight-Inxs
  • Wishing-A Flock Of Seagulls
  • Safety Dance-Men Without Hats
  • Major Tom (German Version)-Peter Schilling
  • Tainted Love-Soft Cell
  • 99 Red Balloons-Nena
  • Head Over Heels-Tears For Fears
  • Love On Your Side-Thompson Twins
  • Autobahn(Radio Edit)-Kraftwerk
  • Just Can't Get Enough-Depeche Mode
  • Fascination-The Human League
  • Catch The Fox-Den Harrow
  • Fieber-Berluc
  • Big Man Restless-Kissing The Pink

OR-Bit FM (Dubstep)Edit

  • Skrillex-First Of The Year
  • Bass Cannon-Flux Pavilion
  • Sweety Man-Ry Legit
  • Apathy-Progora
  • Lash Out-Africa Hitech
  • I'm Not Skrillex-Rednek
  • Sierra Leone-Mt. Eden
  • Together-Noisestorm
  • Illuminati-Triplett
  • Mind Control
  • Ultra Thizz-Rustie
  • Eastern Jam-Chase and Status
  • Rain-Klaypex
  • Epoch-Direct
  • Lost Woods-Ephixa
  • Follow Me-Tristam
  • Danger-Eptic

KRAP (Rap/Dancehall)Edit

  • You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack-Viper
  • Real Big-Mannie Fresh
  • This Is Why I'm Hot-Mims
  • Dude-Beenie Man
  • Party Like A Rockstar-Shop Boyz
  • Go DJ-Lil Wayne
  • Lolli Lolli-Three 6 Mafia
  • I Luv It-Young Jeezy
  • Get Low-Lil Jon
  • Trillionaire-Bun B
  • Hustlin'-Rick Ross
  • Foolish-Shawty Lo
  • Man Down-Rihanna
  • Nigga (x3)-Gangsta Rap

Behind The Scenes PicturesEdit