The reference for Kane's face. He's based on the dude who plays Barrie from "New Kids". Sans moustache

is a major character in the mod. He is Will's best friend and a chop shop owner.


Kane was born in 1984 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was kicked out of many schools due to his sadistic and apathetic personality, eventually joining the Navy in 2002. After he left the Navy, he left Puerto Rico, due to being in debt to a drug cartel. He moved to Fort Ward, but gambled all his money away, eventually making money by stealing cars and selling the parts, eventually starting a business chopping cars. He then bought a house and went into the chop shop business, employing Will to steal cars for him.


Kane is a dark person, often telling dark jokes and having a sadistic sense of humor. He speaks with a very thick Puerto Rician accent.


  • Kane's full name is never revealed in-game, unlike Will and Liz's, where the only way to access them is VIA police database.
  • On one side of Kane's beard, there is an orange-ish blotch. This is the result of a genetic mutation.
  • He wears a black beanie, flannel hoodie, stonewashed jeans, and black boots. He is shorter than other characters.