The reference for Minihaus

Minihaus is the second safehouse available in the mod.

Minihaus is a modernist-styled house located in the mountains to the west of Fort Ward, overlooking the town. It has a detatched garage where cars can be parked and stored, along with a pool and bulletproof large glass walls. It is based off the Stahl House, located in Los Angeles.

"Minihaus" means "Mini House" in German.

Possible FurnitureEdit


*gb_bed09 - Can be used as Will's bed. Could have the sheets retextured to something more fitting/new looking

  • gb_bedsidetable01 - Can be used as an end table, one being on each side of the bed.
  • bm_bong4 - Can be put on one of Will's end tables as a cheeky reference.
  • cj_chair13 - Can be used as a chair, because rich people have chairs in their bedroom.

Living/Dining RoomEdit


The living room/dining room/kitchen of the reference. We're gonna need to scratch-build that fireplace

*gb_playboysofa01 - Can be used as a sofa

*gb_pboycof01 - Can be used as a coffee table, could retexture magazines to fit Will's interest. Also, putting bm_cluckin_cup and  bm_cluckin_fowl on it as some kind of "prop food"

*gb_tvstand06 - Can be used as TV stand

*gb_tv07 - Can be used as flatscreen TV for the aforemented stand

*gb_playboyspeak01 - Can be used as TV speakers

*bm_coinop01 - Can be used as an arcade game, seeing as rich people collect arcade games. It could be retextured into something other than "Qub3d", like "Polybius". That'd be funny.

*gb_diningchr06 - Can be used as dinner chairs

*bm_table02 - Can be used as dinner table


  • Looking at the kitchen for the real life reference, none of the default kitchen props from GTA 4 seem to match it. Therefore, new models for the counters, appliances, etc. will have to be made. We can reuse some other IV props, though.

*cj_knife_stand - Can be used as a knife stand

*cj_ab_panrack - Can be placed over the oven range and used to store pots and pans

*bm_frozen_dispence - Can be used as a smoothie machine. For added detail, we can put a label on each tank with smoothie flavors on them, like "Mint", "Bananna Strawberry", etc.

*bm_pizzabox03_ws - Can be used as a countertop prop

  • bm_burgershot_bag2 & bm_burgershot_bag3 - Can be used as countertop props


*cj_swank_desk_1 - Can be used as a desk

*gbb_officechair - Can be used as a desk chair

*bm_laptop - Can be used as Will's Laptop

*gb_armchair_1 - Could be placed in front of Will's desk, facing it. This way, Will can interview/interrogate people.

*gb_filing01 - Can be used as a filing cabinent. We can use more than one next to one another, but then again, Will is a criminal, not an accountant.

*gb_pol_notboard01 - Notice board, can have takeaway, pizza joint, etc. menus on it.

*bm_cctv_unit08 - Security camera viewer. Could make for some good Scarface references.


The player can store their cars in the Garage, where they'll be saved, much like the parking spots in IV. The garage also has a secret basement area, where guns/drugs are stored. The basement has props, such as a shitton of boxes and crates.