Paul Gardner is a main character in the mod and a friend of Will.


Not much is known about Paul's early life, aside from the fact that he was born in Arlington, Virginia, and opened up a farm outside of Fort Ward, Colorado.

Paul has a stoic demeanor, barely changing any facial expression and speaking in a very monotone, droning voice. He is also very calm, almost never resorting to violence. Basically, he is a stereotypical hippie.

Paul wears a black leather vest with hippie-related patches and the peace sign printed on the back, a navy green tank top underneath the vest, grey ragged jeans, and brown boots. He also has long hair and a horseshoe moustache.

FWPD RecordEdit

Name: Gardner, Paul

DOB: 4/4/1979

Place Of Birth: Arlington, Virginia

Affiliations: Underground rave scene

Criminal Record:

  • 1995 - Possession of drugs
  • 1996- Posession of drugs
  • 1997- Posession of drugs
  • 1998- Posession of drugs
  • 1999- Posession of drugs
  • 2000- Posession of drugs


  • Lives somewhere outside of town
  • Known to frequent raves and hippie festvals