The scene opens up in pitch black with Will narrating in the background

Will: Want to know why the dog wags the tail?

The scene then cuts to people dancing in Digital Underground as "This Is My Life" by DJ Splash plays in the background starting at 0:40. After the camera shows them dancing for about ten seconds, the camera cuts to Will looking over the dance floor through the window of his office, 'with his right arm over his forehead, similar to this position leaning up against the glass as he holds a pistol in his left hand. At this point, the camera shows Will's weary face as he looks down at the people in the club, the gun in his hand, etc. as Will voices over the scene

Will: Because the dog is smarter than the tail. I ain't a dog, but that's something you gotta remember, always be smarter than the other guy. Because the other guy will always try to fuck you over. But hell, I guess that's part of life. Sometimes you come out on top...

The scene cuts to the cutscene for "To Will Goes The Spoils" where Will is yelling at John

Will: Don't call us, we'll call you!

The scene then cuts back to Will in the office. The camera focuses on Will's face as Will voices over the scene

Will: Sometimes, you come out short...

The scene cuts to a yet-to-be-made cutscene of a neo-nazi biker slamming Will's head against a bar and throwing him on the ground. The scene then cuts

Will: And sometimes, you think the world's out to get you.

The scene cuts to the cutscene for "Snatch & Grab" where Will is surrounded by police officers

Cop: Come out with your hands up or we’ll blow you out of there!

The scene then cuts back to Will standing in the office

Will: But just remember, every dog has their day.

The scene then cuts to various clips of Will doing various criminal acts, such as carjacking, shooting, etc. finally finishing with Will and Liz jumping around in an open field, yelling out the following as 'the mod's logo appears onscreen

Will & Liz: We are the ravers! (over & over again)

The scene finally ends with the scene and audio fading out, leaving only the mod's logo on a black background