A render of Will in his default outfit

is the main character of the mod.


Will was born in 1986 in Shelby, Montana. His mother worked long hours as a nurse at a local hospital, and his dad worked long hours as a lumberjack, so Will didn’t know either of them too good. Will, after graduating high school, went to a community college and got a degree in heavy equipment operating, eventually getting job as an excavator operator at a local junkyard. For unknown reasons, he abruptly left Shelby and settled in Fort Ward, Colorado, where he got a job as a forklift operator. He then got fired from that job, after accidently driving the forklift’s stakes through a box of flatscreen televisions. Since then, he’s been working various odd jobs for thecriminal underworld in Fort Ward, specifically for Daniel, the owner of Digital Underground.


Will is a world-weary man who often has too much time on his hands, most of which is spent making models for miniature wargames or attending raves. However, due to his laid-back attitude, he often underestimates potential dangers and fails to plan ahead, leaving him heavily disorganized and forcing him to look over his shoulder. Despite this, he is quick to anger and never turns down a fight.

FWPD RecordEdit

Name: van Boven, Willem

DOB: 2/23/1986

Place Of Birth: Shelby, Montanna

Affiliations: Underground Rave Scenes

Criminal Record:

  • 2007 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2009 - Battery
  • 2011 - Battery
  • 2012 - Battery


  • Holds a license to operate heavy equipment


  • Will’s full name is never revealed in the storyline, nor does Will address himself by his full name. When looking through the police database, however, the player can find Will under the name “Willem van Boven”, with Willem being the Dutch equivalent of “William”. This strongly hints that Will has a strong Dutch background. The police database states that Will was arrested for Grand Theft Auto and numerous instances of Battery.
  • Will walks/runs with a limp, which he got after he accidentally walked down an escalator going "up" while he was talking on his cell phone, hitting his tailbone on every step.
  • Will's ringtone on his cell phone resembles the theme song for the Dutch comedy series "New Kids", which is also influenced by the Happy Hardcore culture.
  • Will's facial structure is based off the GiantBomb writer, Drew Scanlon