Will's Apartment is the first safehouse available in the mod.


An attic apartment, similar in structure to Will's.

Will's Apartment is located on top of Kane's Garage, which is next to his house. It is accessed by climbing a set of stairs around the back of the building. The apartment is basically furnished, with a futon serving as Will's bed, a cheap television, and a laptop set up on a folding table. Despite the basic furniture, the apartment is well decorated, with various decorations such as a Digital Underground poster, various books such as "The Anarchist Cookbook" and "Steal This Book", and various model tanks displayed on a table. However, there is no kitchen, so there are numerous pizza boxes stackes around the apartment.

Possible FurnitureEdit

  • bm_sofabed - Can be used as Will's bed
  • cj_couch3 - Can be used as a sofa
  • gb_pboycof01 - Can be used as a coffee table, could retexture magazines to fit Will's interests
  • gb_tvstand07 - Can be used as TV stand
  • cj_p_tv_2 - Can be used as TV
  • bm_pizzabox03_ws - Can be used as pizza box prop/clutter
  • gb_booktable03 - Can be used as laptop table/desk
  • bm_laptop - Can be used as Will's laptop
  • gb_pol_notboard02 - Notice board, can have various takeaway, pizza joint, etc. menus and flyers.