The scene opens up on security camera-esque footage of Will sitting in a chair with handcuffs on behind a table in an interrogation room'. As he sits there, an interrogator walks around behind him as the following information shows up onscreen in the corner as he talks:

NAME: van Boven, Willem

DOB: 2/23/1986


Will: Who are you guys? FIB? Cops-

Interrogator: We aren't important.

Will: "Not Importan"t? Never heard of you guys-

Interrogator: Don't play smart with us, we know what you do for a living.

The scene then cuts to the cutscene of '"Snatch And Grab"', where Will is surrounded by the police officers'. After that clip, the scene cuts back to Will in the interrogation room

Will: I don't know what you're talking about, I operate machinery for a living-

Interrogator: Machinery?

Will: Yeah, Heavy construction shit. Bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, you know.

The scene then cuts to the cutscene of "Wreck It Will", where Will smashes the car with the excavator. After the clip, the scene cuts back to Will in the interrogation room

Interrogator: So you're licensed in that stuff?

Will: Yeah, where's this going?

Interrogator: Don't worry about where this is going, just answer the questions-

Will: Tell me who you are first-

Interrogator: We aren't important. Were you ever in the army?

Will: No.

Interrogator: Were any of your family members in the army?

Will: No, why?

Interrogator: Your file says you're good with a gun.

The scene then cuts to various clips of Will shooting at various targets. After the clips, the scene cuts back to Will in the interrogation room

Will: What file?

Interrogator: The one we have on you, what other file could we be talking about?

Will: What's that file say?

Interrogator: Nothing much, just trying to make sense as to how a lowly footsoldier for Daniel's little gang turned out to head one of the city's biggest crime syndicates.

Will: I don't know...luck?

Interrogator: What about luck-

Suddenly, an offscreen banging sound is heard

Interrogator 2: What the fuck is that?

Interrogator: Keep an eye on Boven, we need a confession-

One of the interrogators behind Will walks offscreen, presumably to the door. The screen then cuts to the "Our Ugly World" logo as gunshots are heard